A VERY SPECIAL CORVAIR ENGINE - From Howard & Emily Seymour

Emily & I took part in the 9th Annual “Happy Days” VCCA tour in May 2017. While there we took in the Pierce Arrow museum. Hidden behind the 1931 Pierce Tow Truck I saw a Corvair engine behind a rope. I asked the tour guide if I could get a closer look to take pictures and he pulled down the rope. First thing I saw was a nice looking 140 Corsa engine on an engine stand, then surprise, a Corvair engine that was used by our military in cold weather areas. Below is the description of the engine.

This very special Corvair engine, as all Corvair engines, was built at the Tonawanda Chevrolet Engine Plant. It included many special features, the most obvious being the Aircraft ignition system and the 24 volt generator. Less obvious is special air shrouding and exhaust manifolds exiting through the air shrouds in the opposite direction of a car or truck Corvair engine.

The vehicle shown in the picture that used this type of Corvair engine was known as a Dynatrack by the U.S. military and as a Canadair by the Canadian military. It was designed especially to operate in the far north on snow for primarily servicing the Radar equipment located in that region as part of the NORAD Early Warning system. The vehicles were also slated for service as troop and supply carriers if the need to defend Alaska or Northern Canada was ever necessary. The Corvair engine was chosen for its light weight and excellent horse power to weight ratio, not to mention its air cooled design removed the worry of freeze ups in the extremely cold climate it was expected to operate in. Early vehicle testing with small aircraft engines showed the Corvair to have a much wider power band (operating RPM range), easier starting and much better low speed reliability while costing far less ! Besides all Corvair engines being produced in the Tonawanda engine plant (near Buffalo) they were also were the sole producer of all the differentials and early manual transmissions.   I tried to get a good picture of the serial number, but only succeeded to get a partial number. If you google the Dynatrack, I only found pictures of a Corvair tank, not the one in this picture.

Final update from the CORSA Convention

Chris Shepherd provided this final update:

Thursday started off with thunderstorms and rain but it did not stop the Road Rally or Economy Runs. Since I do not have a car here I opted to visit President Harry S. Truman's visitors center and home here in Independence as I dodged the rain. Others chose the Steamboat Arabia museum tour.

It was a very interesting experience and I learned many things I did not about Truman, his history and family. The home has been left just as Harry and Bess left it. Harry died in 1972 and Bess in 1982. After Harry passed, Bess continued to live in the house. She left the house to the people of the USA and it is now operated by the US Park Service. The day finish with blue sky's and I finished up Thursday by attending two Technical Sessions. 

The first Tech session was presented by Fred Bybee dealt with current car values which was interesting but really did not provide much information that most of us do not already had an idea about. The second was present by Larry Claypool and dealt with what electric fuel pump to use for you Corvair and why they make sense in some applications. If you would like that information for you car, just send Larry an email at larry@vairshop.com with your year and engine size.

Friday also started off with thunderstorms and rain but again it did not stop the Autocross with was held on a track not too far from the event hotel. I chose to go to the Truman Library and grave site for the Truman's. his entire life's history was presented with the main focus being on his presidential years. There is even a replica of the Oval Office as it looked during his time.
The day concluded with the Banquet and awards ceremony. 

Saturday saw blue sky's for the final car display and People's Choice Awards (the results will be in the next CORSA Communique. 

The convention will be in Pittsburgh next year, St Charles (Chicago) in 2019, and San Diego, California in 2020.

I had a great time, saw many cars, and made several new friends. 


Checking in from the CORSA Convention

Suncoast Corvair Club member Chris Shepherd is checking in from the 2017 CORSA Convention and sent these images and remarks. 

  "I checked into the International Corvair Convention on Tuesday morning and was given my registration package containing my badge, dash placard, T-shirt, and the list of program activities along with tickets for the ice cream social hour and banquet. 
  Next on the agenda was to checkout all the parts vendors both inside the hall and out in the parking lot. I did find several items that I needed for my 62 Spyder. Clarks was also here but they did not bring their usual truck full of parks. Instead they were taking orders and offered 12% off for cash and 7% off for credit cards and checks. Needless to say, I dropped a load of cash with them when I ordered all my wiring harnesses, all the rubber seals and door fuzzies, a new gas tank, all the pre-bent brake and fuel lines, door and window handles, and door hinge pins and bushings. I also ordered new rear wheel bearing for my 64 which were on sale plus I got the 12% cash discount to boot. 

  I then attended the Concours Judges meeting for a review of the rules and unit assignments. 
The rest of the day was spent looking at cars and talking with attendees before going to the Welcome Party/Ice Cream Social.  Alive cover races completed the day. 
  It was an early start today Wednesday with the Judges meeting at 8 and the Concours starting at 9. I was judging Unit 3 (glass, trim and seals) for the 27 late models that were entered. There were around 48 cars, vans, wagons, and trucks entered. We finished around 1pm and the Host Club provided lunch for us. A good but tiring day. Here are pictures of the Concours cars."

A little technical info from Ron..

Here are several new things about which I am excited;

First, I have found a new website from Facebook,  www.Americanflat6.com.  The author was showing his work on Corvair heads and how his investigations and tests with Corvair heads had yielded major improvements.  The web site turns out to be devoted to so much more, including fuel injection and, of course, parts.


Second, another web site I discovered through Jeff, a friend with a Corvair (J&B Import Automotive Repair on 16th street) is CorvairSpecialities.  It is selling an electric fan kit which gets rid of the twisted belt. Yes there have been others, but this is the first one with a big enough motor... and if the specs are true, it's a must for every Corvair.  The BIG problem for Corvairs is at idle: they just don't generate enough air! Anyway take a look: http://corvairspecialties.com/streetfankit.html

It is a very nice site that is well regarded even before this invention. My friend Jeff is going to buy one. I may also. Just think: it's a cheap 25 hp gain!

Third, my friend Jeff just finished rebuilding a 67 Corsa Turbo convertible for a customer and two months later he wrecked it. Whole front end is gone.  BUT the drive train and interior is in tact. I mentioned this at the club meeting, but anyone who wants a perfect drive train or interior parts (or a nice title and/or number plates!) would do well to call Jeff at J&B (727) 823-5951. Identify yourself as part of the Corvair club.

Springfest 2017

Suncoast Corvair Club member Chris Shepherd shared a bit about his trip to Springfest 2017 in Helen GA this past April. Here is a nice synopsis of the trip....


Springfest 2017 - Helen, Georgia  April 28 - 29
This year was my fourth Springfest and the weather could not have been better.

I arrived in Helen on Thursday evening after stopping at Ted's Auto Restoration  and Corvair Repair in Sneillville, Georgia. I stopped by Ted's to see what his capabilities were and if I would use his service to repair the rust issues and paint my 1962 Spyder.

Springfest was hosted by Corvair Atlanta, Heart of Georgia Corvair Club, Queen City Corvair Club and Vulcan Corvair Enthusiasts.

According to the Spring fest website there were 199 Registrations  and more than 300 name badges issued.  There were 35 clubs represented from 15 states with 106 Corvairs on the show fields and swap meet areas including one Ultra van.

A total of 31 cars participated in the Rally with 2 to 6 people in each car.

There was  record number of vendors inside and out and lots of door prizes including a set of 4 tires.

Events included an Autocross, Valve Cover races, Concours car judging, Car Coral with People Choice voting, Slow Drags, A Technical Session on flywheels, and a Banquet and Awards to conclude the event.

I had a good time, bought a few odds and end for the car and made a few new friends. I would certain encourage everyone to attend next year's Springfest which will be held in April as they have been for the 33 years. It might be a good activity for Suncoast Corvairs to participate in next year.


Always learning

The fun thing about the Corvair is that there is always something to learn about it. Kinda like life, huh. Anyhow, since we bought our first Corvair a bit over a year ago one of the first things I did was search out some good forums for as much information as possible.

You may already be tuned in to this one but I enjoy the daily feed of CorvairForum.

I use the Tapatalk app on my iOS devices to view the CorvairForum and several others.

Fun times at the annual summer picnic AKA Luau!

We had a great time and enjoyed sharing our favorite foods. Thanks to everyone for their take on the Luau theme. Smoked fish, pulled pork and many great salads and sides! It is fun to get to know your fellow club members, talk a little Corvair and have a monthly meeting with a full belly! Six cars made the picnic and we know several more are close to being done for upcoming meetings.... GO SHAUN!!

Of course, no Corvair meeting would be complete without some work needed on one (or more) of the cars! Thanks Joe for use of your tools (so much for making room in my trunk for the food) and to all for pitching in with their expertise. This is the fun thing about the group - having many knowledgeable members. Who knew my 180 turbo motor had the wrong crank pulley?! Will correct that over the next few days...

Annual summer picnic today, come and LUAU!

Today is our annual summer picnic. This year we are a LUAU theme!

It's almost Luau Time - Suncoast Corvair Club - this Saturday, May 13th, 11A-300P!    Location: Palm Hill Country Club clubhouse - corner of Thatch Palm St E & Sea Grape Dr, Largo 33778

Drive your Corvair(s)

Wear your favorite Luau garb

Bring a food item (see list below)

Bring a gender-specific gift to exchange (men bring a men’s gift, women bring a women’s gift) wrapping not required

Plates/tableservice and punch provided by The Club. If you have a favorite beverage feel free to bring along