Final update from the CORSA Convention

Chris Shepherd provided this final update:

Thursday started off with thunderstorms and rain but it did not stop the Road Rally or Economy Runs. Since I do not have a car here I opted to visit President Harry S. Truman's visitors center and home here in Independence as I dodged the rain. Others chose the Steamboat Arabia museum tour.

It was a very interesting experience and I learned many things I did not about Truman, his history and family. The home has been left just as Harry and Bess left it. Harry died in 1972 and Bess in 1982. After Harry passed, Bess continued to live in the house. She left the house to the people of the USA and it is now operated by the US Park Service. The day finish with blue sky's and I finished up Thursday by attending two Technical Sessions. 

The first Tech session was presented by Fred Bybee dealt with current car values which was interesting but really did not provide much information that most of us do not already had an idea about. The second was present by Larry Claypool and dealt with what electric fuel pump to use for you Corvair and why they make sense in some applications. If you would like that information for you car, just send Larry an email at with your year and engine size.

Friday also started off with thunderstorms and rain but again it did not stop the Autocross with was held on a track not too far from the event hotel. I chose to go to the Truman Library and grave site for the Truman's. his entire life's history was presented with the main focus being on his presidential years. There is even a replica of the Oval Office as it looked during his time.
The day concluded with the Banquet and awards ceremony. 

Saturday saw blue sky's for the final car display and People's Choice Awards (the results will be in the next CORSA Communique. 

The convention will be in Pittsburgh next year, St Charles (Chicago) in 2019, and San Diego, California in 2020.

I had a great time, saw many cars, and made several new friends.