A little technical info from Ron..

Here are several new things about which I am excited;

First, I have found a new website from Facebook,  www.Americanflat6.com.  The author was showing his work on Corvair heads and how his investigations and tests with Corvair heads had yielded major improvements.  The web site turns out to be devoted to so much more, including fuel injection and, of course, parts.


Second, another web site I discovered through Jeff, a friend with a Corvair (J&B Import Automotive Repair on 16th street) is CorvairSpecialities.  It is selling an electric fan kit which gets rid of the twisted belt. Yes there have been others, but this is the first one with a big enough motor... and if the specs are true, it's a must for every Corvair.  The BIG problem for Corvairs is at idle: they just don't generate enough air! Anyway take a look: http://corvairspecialties.com/streetfankit.html

It is a very nice site that is well regarded even before this invention. My friend Jeff is going to buy one. I may also. Just think: it's a cheap 25 hp gain!

Third, my friend Jeff just finished rebuilding a 67 Corsa Turbo convertible for a customer and two months later he wrecked it. Whole front end is gone.  BUT the drive train and interior is in tact. I mentioned this at the club meeting, but anyone who wants a perfect drive train or interior parts (or a nice title and/or number plates!) would do well to call Jeff at J&B (727) 823-5951. Identify yourself as part of the Corvair club.